A tried and tested partner.  


Car Park Valeting is a UK-wide car cleaning franchise with over 120 sites and 14 years experience. We work with leading brands including Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and ASDA to deliver a quick and easy cleaning service to supermarket customers while they shop.  


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Before working together. 

  • We do our due dilligence

  • Analyse and survey prospective sites.

  • Check customer footfall.

  • Review potential environmental issues.

  • Ensure you would achieve good monthly rental income.

Our business model ensures that we mitigate financial risk and only seek to produce positive revenue streams; meaning that a landlord will see additional profits being made across their portfolio.

Added to this, car wash services draw new and existing customers to the sites,enabling customers to park and ’shop while we wash’ increasing footfall to the supermarket.


Security Checks.

CPV prides itself on being the only hand car wash company within the UK to adhere and use the highly recognised NSL Keesing Security people checking services. 

In using such services, CPV ensures each franchise and operatives are thoroughly checked via a software service that is not only highly recommended by Interpol, the Police and the Immigration Agency but also ensures that by doing such checks CPV goes over and beyond the requirements of the Asylum and Immigration Act 2006.

This places CPV in a prominent position as the leading operator within the UK and gives our landlords and clients comfort in whom we work and collaborate with.

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What we offer.

Naturally, our services are dependent on the specific location of a site. 

Trolley wash / Water-less Service. 

For sites that house between 100-400 car parking bays we normally recommend the trolley wash or water-less cleaning service.

Full Valet Jet wash.

In some cases, especially when dealing with shopping centres, the number of car park spaces is less relevant and we may recommend a full valet jet wash service. Primarily where the car park houses 400 spaces or more we can consider the full valet jet wash service.

Specialised Full Valet Services.

In some cases we offer specialised personal full valet services on a case by case basis and we will work with all landlords to determine what solution is best for your business and our potential franchisees/customers. This will all be detailed and portrayed in our initial proposal before making a final decision.

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CPV prides itself on leading the hand car wash business when it comes to considering the impact of the business on the environment. 

Today we lead the way with rain harvesting and recycling solutions for car washes whereby the business relies less on the main water services and more on the environment through natural rain water.

Each site is considered on a case by case basis to weigh up the need to improve and help the environment as well as consider the reasonable financial costs involved.

In addition, by working with Nielsen Chemicals, CPV have the confidence that the chemical products when dispersed in the cleaning process are non caustic, biodegradable and heavily diluted at ratios of normally at least 1: 20/30.

The company continues to develop and research new products to ensure we maximise the benefit of a better working environment and in each case we adhere to all necessary regulations.